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Benefits For Businesses

enVivo!CMS Classic is a Web Content Management System which allows you to take control of your website. Find out more about the business benefits of using enVivo!CMS Classic.

Reduce The Cost Of Developing Your Website

Your site development costs are reduced because your web developer can put together your website more easily and rapidly than static HTML pages.  Once your web developer has imported one template into enVivo!CMS Classic, you and your web developer can then collaborate on the development at the same time - you create the content and your web developer works on the look and feel of your site.

Reduce The Cost Of Maintaining Your Website

In the past, whenever you wanted to update your website, you had to get in contact with your web developer, give him or her the changes you want made and then they would go and make the change for you usually at an expensive hourly rate or monthly support contract.  With enVivo!CMS Classic, you can make the changes yourself by using your web browser to log into a special part of your website where you can make the changes yourself.

Update Your Website In Minutes

If your web developer is making website changes for you, you know how time consuming that can be.  First, you must give your web developer the content you want added/changed, then he/she goes and makes the change which must then be reviewed by you.  If it is not quite right, it must then go back to your web developer for further changes.  This is repeated until the content is right.  Once it is right, the web developer then uploads the content for you.

Easy To Use - No Technical Knowledge Is Required

You don't need any web development or programming skills to use enVivo!CMS Classic.  If you can use MS Word then you can use enVivo!CMS Classic because enVivo!CMS Classic has an "explorer" styled interface.  In fact, you don't even need any software installed on your PC - if you have Internet Explorer and an Internet connection then you can use enVivo!CMS Classic.

Never Have Embarrasing Out-Of-Date Information On Your Website Again

Does your website have out of date information?  Do you leave websites that say "Last Updated August 2001"?  enVivo!CMS Classic eliminates these problems by allowing you to schedule content.  Simply set a Start Date and End Date and enVivo!CMS Classic will ensure that your content appears on your site when it's supposed to and is also removed after it has expired.

For example, this is great for monthly specials because you can create the page and have it appear on the first day of the month and have it automatically removed at the end of the month without you ever getting involved.

Cost Effective

The cost of other similar solutions with all the bells and whistles can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  enVivo!CMS Classic contains all of the functionality you need to maintain your website without the extra functionality you're probably never going to use - why pay more?


To be able to update your website's content, you need to log in with a username and password.  This ensures that only authorised personnel are able to change your website.

Perfect For Shared Web Hosts

You don't need a dedicated web server to run enVivo!CMS Classic because it installs on any shared web host that meets the system requirements making it the perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses.