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Benefits for Web Designers

Benefits For Web Designers

enVivo!CMS Classic is the Web Content Management System your clients have been asking for. Find out why it's the best solution for you and your clients.

Deploy Websites More Rapidly

By using enVivo!CMS Classic throughout the development process, you can separate the design of the website from the content.  This allows you to use enVivo!CMS Classic as a collaborative tool in which more key personnel can be involved in the development process.  In fact, website development time can be reduced to a matter of days and weeks rather than months.

Full Creative Freedom

As a Web Designer, you are used to creating a website's look and feel with your WYSIWYG HTML editor exactly to your specifications.  enVivo!CMS Classic takes this one step further by using your Templates as the website's look and feel.  You are not bound to any preset templates.

Add to this the ability for enVivo!CMS Classic to support Macromedia Flash, Forms and DHTML, you can create truly stunning, interactive websites.

Reduce Costs On Each Project

By reducing the time taken to develop a website, you can reduce costs and increase your profit margin on each website you create with enVivo!CMS Classic.

Expand Your Client Base

By empowering your clients with the ability to maintain their website, your time is freed up to concentrate on more important issues like acquiring new clients.  You are no longer bogged down with small, low paying maintenance jobs.

Manage Assets Like Images and Multimedia

enVivo!CMS Classic has a built in image and media asset management library.  With it, you can upload new assets through the web browser without the need for FTP as well as manage your existing assets.

Create Re-Usable Website Components

If you have common components acroos many pages in a website such as navigation on your website, you'll know how difficult these can be to change especially if you have many pages.  With enVivo!CMS Classic, you can use "Content Blocks" which are re-usable website components across your site.  With Content Blocks, you only need to update them in one place and the change is reflected across your site.

Easy To Build A Website

It's easy to build a website with enVivo!CMS Classic.  You can put the site together offline on a staging server and move it to the production location when your project has been signed off making it the perfect development tool.  All links to images are relative meaning that you can easily move the site from server to server without suffering from broken links.

Built In Site Search

If you're creating a large website with many pages, you'll want your visitors to be able to search for the information they're after.  enVivo!CMS Classic has a fast and powerful built in site search engine which allows clients to find the information they're after.