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Benefits For Web Developers

If you're a Web Developer or Programmer, we understand that you have special needs for your CMS. That's why we've created enVivo!CMS Classic - the solution you need to have full flexibility and control.

Easy To Install

enVivo!CMS Classic is very easy to install.  In fact, it only takes about 5 minutes to set up your web server with enVivo!CMS Classic ready for you to start adding Templates and Content.  enVivo!CMS Classic is 100% ASP Script - There are No DLLs that need to be installed on the web server which means that enVivo!CMS Classic is perfect for any shared web host.  You don't need a dedicated web server.

Runs With Many Databases

enVivo!CMS Classic works with MS Access, SQL Server and MySQL databases.  Choose your database based on your client's budget and expected traffic.

Run Your Own Code Along Side Of enVivo!CMS Classic

If you're an ASP Programmer, we understand that you want to run your own code along side of the CMS, that's why your templates are actually ASP files meaning that you can integrate enVivo!CMS Classic dynamic content with your custom code for almost any purpose.  There are only two lines of code required to have dynamic content in your ASP Page Template.

Integrate Forms Into Your Website

Most websites have at least some forms to get various user feedback or for information gathering.  enVivo!CMS Allows you to create forms through Content Blocks from your WYSIWYG HTML Editor and Articles handle success or failure messages.

Easy To Integrate Into Any Website

With minimal files on the web server's root directory, you can easily integrate enVivo!CMS Classic with an existing static site.

Open Display API

enVivo!CMS Classic comes with a fully documented "Display API" which contains commonly used functions which draw information out of the enVivo!CMS Classic database.

Add-Ons Add Rich Functionality To Your Website

enVivo!CMS Classic has many optional add on modules which add value to your site such as: Dynamic DHTML Menus, Dynamic Flash Content and Dynamic Javascript Site Map Tree.