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enVivo!CMS Classic Features

Here's but a sample of the features of enVivo!CMS Classic.

Update Your Own Website

Previously with static HTML websites, you needed to call your Web Designer and tell him what changes need to be made.  Your Web Designer would then make the changes and get back to you to review and approve.  If the changes were OK, the Web Designer would then upload the changes via FTP.  If the changes weren't to your liking, the whole process needed to be started over again costing you more time.

With enVivo!CMS Classic, it's now possible for non-technical personnel to add, edit and remove information from your website quickly and easily - all without the need to call your Web Designer or IT department.

Powerful Control Over Templates

enVivo!CMS Classic allows you to set up multiple Templates in order to fully control the look and feel of your website.  You control Page Layout, Article Layout and how Lists of Articles will look - Your Page Templates can even be ASP code which is great for Web Developers who want to run their own code along side of enVivo!CMS Classic.

One Click Publishing

enVivo!CMS Classic allows you to create a new page but not allow it to be seen by your website's visitors.  This allows the person in charge of website content to preview and approve the new content.  Once new content is approved, it becomes published and is visible to your visitors.

Schedule Content To Appear And Disappear On Your Website

Never have out of date content on your website again!  With enVivo!CMS Classic, you can automatically schedule content to appear at a later date and have it removed from your website at a date your specify.  This is great for changing content such as monthly specials and new products.

Manage Assets Without FTP

Managing assets such as Images and Multimedia is easy with enVivo!CMS Classic.  All of your website's images are available in an easy-to-see thumbnail preview mode and you can organise your assets into directories.

You can even upload new images and multimedia without needing to know about the technicalities of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) because this is achieved through your web browser.

WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor

Create great looking content using the enVivo!CMS Classic Rich Text Editor.  The Rich Text Editor gives you a "Word" like interface to create and edit content in full WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get).  Whether it's inserting an image or other asset, creating tables or simply aligning text, the enVivo!CMS Classic Rich Text Editor does it all with ease.

Organise Your Content With Categories

If you have information on your website that needs to be separated logically such as product types, Categories give you the ability to achieve this.  Your website's content is easily organised into a logical structure similar to Folders on your PC.

Simplify Global Changes With Re-Usable Content Blocks

Content Blocks reduce repetitive tasks when updating your website.  Most websites have common components across most pages such as navigation.  With Content Blocks, you create your navigation once and then place a call to that Content Block in each of your Page Templates.  Then, if you navigation changes, it's as easy as updating one Content Block and the change is reflected across your site.

Get Easy-To-Remember Entry Points Into Your Website With Shortcuts

If you need to direct your website visitors through traditional advertising to a specific page or section of your website, Shortcuts make this easy.  With Shortcuts, you can create easy-to-remember URLs such as or  Shortcuts can even enhance your Search Engine Rankings if used in conjunction with your targeted keywords.

Customisable Security Levels

Some websites have many people who contribute web content.  If this is the case with you then you may find that you'll want some personnel to create content whilst others approve and publish it.  enVivo!CMS Classic allows you to set up Security Levels where you give some users access to some parts of Web Content Manager but not others.

For example, Web Designers typically don't want Content Contributors to access templates - enVivo!CMS Classic allows you to "lock down" your templates from accidental tampering.

Get Website Interactivity With Pop-Up Emailers

Your visitors can give you feedback quickly and easily with the enVivo!CMS Classic Pop Up Emailers.  There are two Pop Up Emailers: the "Contact Us" emailer and the "Tell A Friend" emailer.  The "Contact Us" emailer allows you to receive comments, questions or feedback from your visitors to an email address you specify whilst the "Tell A Friend" emailer increases your website traffic by allowing visitors to refer pages from your website to friends and colleagues.

Built In Site Search

If you have a lot of content on your website, chances are that your visitors will want to be able to search your site to find the information their after (e.g. you may have a Knowledge Base that you want to make searchable).  enVivo!CMS Classic facilitates this by allowing your visitors to conduct both simple and complex searches of your content.  You can even limit the search to certain parts of your website (i.e. a Knowledge Base).

All of these features and more are in enVivo!CMS Classic - why not Download the Free 30 Day Trial or, if you're happy with our product, go ahead and order enVivo!CMS Classic.