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Deluxe Add On Pack - Power Up Your Website

Add power and functionality to your website with the enVivo!CMS Classic Deluxe Add On Pack.

The enVivo!CMS Classic Deluxe Add On Pack extends the power of your website and also help to further reduce running costs.  The Deluxe Add On Pack includes:

Dynamic DHTML Drop Down Menus

Is your website difficult to navigate?  Have you noticed that all the best web sites have easy to use navigation which typically involves those fancy drop down menus?  (like this site!)

Well now you can have it and more with our Dynamic DHTML Drop Down Menus Add On.  With Dynamic DHTML Menus, you can have easy to implement, great looking drop down menus on your website without the need to know any DHTML or Javascript.  And if your site changes, no problem!  The menus automatically update themselves as soon as new articles or categories are published or changed.

Web Designers & Developers - Based on the famous "Milonic" DHTML Menu System, implementing these cross-browser compatible Dynamic DHTML Menus is as easy as implementing a couple of lines of ASP code into your Page Templates and then adding two (or more) new styles to your website's Cascading Style Sheet.  This is the perfect solution to your website navigation problems.  When you purchase this Add On, you also get a Milonic Menu single site license included.

See The Dynamic DHTML Menus In Action - our very own website's DHTML Menus (above) are dynamically rendered by this Add On.

Dynamic DHTML Sitemap

If you have a large site, you'll know how difficult it can be to display your whole site in one easy-to-understand page.  Typically in the past, a sitemap page had to be manually kept up to date.  With the Dynamic Javascript Sitemap Tree Add On for enVivo!CMS Classic, you can now have a cross-browser compatible Site Map page on your website which changes as your website changes.  That's because it is generated in real-time based on your sites structure.  Like our DHTML Menu product, you don't need any Javascript knowledge to implement, just a couple of lines of ASP code in an ASP Page Template.

See The Dynamic DHTML Sitemap In Action - click here for the Citroen Australia website's sitemap.

Dynamic Flash Content

If your site has Macromedia Flash as part of its implementation, you'll know that Flash files can only be updated by experts.  This limits the use of Flash to parts of your website that don't change often because of the difficulties and costs involved in keeping Flash based content up to date.

With the Dynamic Flash Content Add On, your SWF files are as easy to update as regular site content.  That's because the Flash Add On acts as an intermediary between your SWF file and your database.  You program your SWF file to call the Flash Add On via HTTP and it retrieves content from the database for you and passes it back to the SWF for display on the visitors browser.

The Flash Integration Add On can further reduce the cost of maintaining a website.

See the Flash Add On In Action - click here for the Alfa Romeo website - an interactive Flash-based website with all news and product content coming from directly from the enVivo!CMS Classic database.