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Online Demo

Get the hang of enVivo!CMS Classic before you download it by trying this easy to use demonstration/tutorial.

If you're not a web developer, you'll want to try out the features of enVivo!CMS Classic without the need to install it on a web server.  That's why we've created enVivo!101 - an easy to use tutorial that outlines the basic features of enVivo!CMS Classic.

Visit enVivo!101 As A Website Visitor

To see enVivo!101 as a website visitor, simply contact us .  Don't forget to refresh your page every time you make a change in Web Content Manager to see how easy it is to update the enVivo!101 website.

Update the enVivo!101 Website With enVivo!CMS' Web Content Manager

Your probably eager to try out Web Content Manager yourself - and why wouldn't you?  There are two user accounts that you can log in as in order to demonstrate the security levels in enVivo!CMS Classic.

Before starting, we recommend that you check out the enVivo!CMS Classic Documentation prior to logging in so that you familiarise yourself with the Web Content Manager Interface.

Choose your security level from below:

  1. Log in as a Site Designer (UserName: designer, Password: envivo101) - As a Site Designer, you can access Templates, Content Blocks and create new and edit existing categories.  Check out how easy it is to create dynamic navigation by creating new sub-categories below the "Left Side Bar" category (ensure that the "Display In Category Lists checkbox is checked).  Site Designers should read the enVivo!CMS Classic Design Guide.

  2. Log In As A Content Contributor (UserName: contributor, Password: envivo101) - As a Content Contributor in this scenario, you only need to add and edit news articles in the enVivo! Extra category - your designer has locked down the system because you're not a Designer and he doesn't want you playing with the Templates.  Notice that you cannot edit articles in the "Left Side Bar" category nor can you create new categories either.  Also, you can create new articles but you can't publish them so that they become visible on the website.  Content Contributors should read the enVivo!CMS Classic Content Contributors Guide.

You can download the enVivo!101 Sample Site for your Free 30 Day Trial which you can install on your own web server.  Contact us to download the Free enVivo!CMS Classic 30 Day Trial.