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Technical Specifications

Find out more about how enVivo!CMS Classic works as well as the system requirements.

enVivo!CMS Classic is a 100% ASP script application.  That means:

  • It is easy to install - this is as easy as FTPing the application to your web server
  • Is also perfect for shared web hosts as there are no DLLs that need to be registered.  Most shared web hosts don't allow DLLs to be registered on their servers bacause of the additional memory requirements and security risks.

System Requirements


Web host or server capable of running Active Server Pages, such as:

  • Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 with Internet Information Services 5.0 and above
  • Sun One Active Server Pages 4.0


You may choose any of the following as the database back end for enVivo!CMS Classic:

  • MS Access
  • MySQL 3.23 and Above, or
  • MS SQLServer 6.x/7.x/2000

Note - An MS Access 2000 database is used by default and is bundled with enVivo!CMS Classic. While enVivo!CMS Classic can use a Microsoft Access database, you do not need to install Access or Office on your web server; however, you must have the latest Microsoft Jet Database component installed.

You will need the latest version of MyODBC installed on your web server if your are using MySQL as your database.  MySQL and MyODBC available at .

For Windows Servers, you also need Microsoft MDAC 2.7 and above, this is available for free at .


  • Internet Explorer 5.x and above on Windows, or
  • Internet Explorer 5.x and above on Macintosh via Virtual PC. Available at .


Any web browser, including Netscape. Your Page Template HTML should be cross-browser compatible.


You can use any WYSIWIG HTML editor to create Templates, including FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Hot Dog, Adobe GoLive.